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The group of Applied Media Analysis and Research (ANIMA+D) is composed by a multidisciplinary team of media professionals and university lecturers with contrasted experience in the field of media communication and the analysis of key segments of audiovisual communication, press and advertising.

The varied of the team and of the specialities of its members allow the undertaking with all guarantee of either specific projects placed in one sector of the communicative process or integration projects that demand controlling all the elements of said process.

Our services are developed in three areas:

• Technical consultancy
• Specialization courses in communication, spreading and dissemination
• Development and implementation of new projects.

Research is a must in order to achieve the designed goals. The members of the group have taken part on several innovation projects of regional, national and international scope. They have collaborated with diverse public administrations and private organizations from wide and varied activity sectors: social, political, media, technological and environmental.

The main activity of the ANIMA+D team is the researching and teaching in graduate and postgraduate studies. We keep common lines of work and study projects with different universities and research centres from Spain, the European Union, the United States and Latin America. We are as well part of wide renowned professional and researcher associations in the fields of communication, information and audience surveys: International Communication Association (ICA), Sociedad Española de Periodística (SEP), Sociedad de Estudios Vascos, Asociación de la Prensa de Madrid, Academia de las Artes y de las Ciencias de la Televisión, Asociación Castellano-Manchega de Sociología, etc.

Only from such position, the challenges posed by the observation and empirical analysis of the audience and contents of the media can be taken on. Only in this way it is possible to offer solutions to those responsible for decision-taking in mass media, social and political institutions, companies and groups interested either in spreading their activity through the media, or in analysing how they are represented by these, or in devising communication strategies that improve their image and results.