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Incorporating technological changes may be a difficult goal to achieve. It demands a high level of specialization and the appropriate means. Our group offers a highly qualified human team and the most advanced technical support for carrying out actions on the following areas:

• Political marketing and communication

We offer consultancy services about any aspect related to political communication either to (for-profit or non-profit) non-governmental organizations, or to companies, political parties and the Public Administration. We create synergies between third sector entities and private companies. We have the knowledge, the experience and the most sophisticated research tools for their application on the design of election campaigns, by detecting the voters’ needs, measuring the voting intention for the candidates, and analysing the representation and image in the media of the parties, candidates, institutions… We are specialists on polls and surveys to obtain information about the general perception of the matters of concern for the public opinion.

• External and internal institutional communication (benchmarking)

We study the internal structure of communication departments and press offices. We improve their organization and practical operation. We optimise the institutional communication by paying attention to the functions and strategies used to connect the different areas and their relation with the social system and the media. We analyse the broadcasting media and their contents, production mechanisms, needs, techniques and working rules in order to simplify the corporate decision-taking. We master the instruments used in the mass communication processes, specially those related to written communication, and we control the linguistic codes of (upward and downward) internal communication. The discovery of errors at orthographic, prosodic, morphosyntactic or lexico-semantic level and the establishing of the causes for the superficial or deep loss of coherence enable us to apply the appropriate remedy for the correction of each anomaly.

We have the technical means for the observation and analysis to know the needs, demands and behaviour of the receivers and users, real or potential. We research to predict the effects that technological, social and economic changes may bring into the services, products and resources of organizations, companies and public institutions. We are expert in handling statistic files and we carry out descriptive, exploratory, predictive and causal studies of the mass media receivers.

• Consultancy in journalistic design

We offer innovative solutions that strengthen the media message effectiveness. We counsel about the spreading of the institutional image and we assess the suitability of the promotional message to the corporate communication strategies. We advise about the use of colour, typographical resources and design formulas which help to improve the readability level of your messages. We redesign any printed or digital product on the basis of effective creativity after a thorough study of the writing needs and the market.

• Training courses and seminars

We impart specialisation courses on the fields of communication, information, advertising, public relations and the design in organizations, companies and administrations.